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Senin, 25 Juni 2012

Average Salary for Medical Sales Person and Requirements to Be One

A medical sales representative will work within the healthcare industry introducing new medical instruments to hospitals, clinics, and doctor’s offices. The main job of a sales representative is to introduce the product to a potential buyer. This may be done with demonstrations, descriptions, explanation of benefits, and answering all questions pertaining to the product they are trying to sell.

Medical products may include anything from new gloves, needles, or other type of instruments used in the field to computer software to help maintain patient records. An individual choosing to work within this field will have to fully believe in the product they are selling and also know absolutely everything about it.

Educational Requirements for Medical Sales Careers
The educational requirements for a position as a medical salesperson will vary. Most of the time a bachelor’s degree will be desirable. The bachelor’s degree may be in an area such as business, manufacturing, biology, psychology, or any related science or business field. Some companies will hire an individual with only a high school education and offer to train them. A person will need to have excellent communication skills in order to be successful in a sales position of any kind. Some larger companies will require experience within the sales field before hiring.

Work Requirements for Careers in Medical Sales
A sales representative will be directly responsible for introducing their employer’s product into the industry. Most of the time an individual will be given a specific area of their state or states in which to sell their product. A person may need to make phone calls and send out information to a potential client. Visiting the client on site will also be mandatory. Traveling is a large part of a position of this type and a person must be willing to spend some time away from home.

An outgoing personality and great communication are essential for a person’s success in this field. Knowledge of the product that is being sold will be necessary as an individual will need to be able to answer all questions about the device they are selling. Medical sales positions will require a person to work around schedules of the doctors and administrators, which can lead to an unorthodox work schedule.

Job Outlook for Medical Sales Careers
A college degree will be the best way to obtain a career in this profession. The growth for a job in this industry is projected to be average. Personality traits will play a large role in gaining a position in this field as a salesperson must meet certain requirements.

A successful medical salesperson can expect an average salary of $50,000 to $70,000 yearly. This wage can vary depending on the type of product or industry an individual chooses to work with. Commission is a large part of a salesperson’s salary and being able to sell the product successfully directly affects the amount that an individual will earn.

Note : 
Article above not applicable in Indonesia. In Indonesia applied standard  lower the than outside Indonesia. Especially in domestic company (PMDN).

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